17 December Special Deadline Reminder

17 December is a Deadline (not Deadline Event!) when all games from Rounds 1-10 are required to be played. If they are not, they are going to be forfeited, basing entirely on the presence during the Deadline Events. The only option of not losing such a game if it is not played and you had not been present on the Deadline Event is exceeding the number of allowed forfeitures by your opponent before this game is adjusted but do not count on it.

The following games have to be played or will be forfeited (players in bold will win them due to forfeiture).

Group A:
Maziukiewicz, Karol (USSR) vs. Bujak, Piotr (USA)
Shaheen, Anthony (USSR) vs. Maziukiewicz, Karol (USA)
Pazderski, Ziemowit (USSR) vs. Bujak, Piotr (USA)
Shaheen, Anthony (USSR) vs. Gąsiorowski, Jędrzej (USA)
Gąsiorowski, Jędrzej (USSR) vs. Shaheen, Anthony (USA)
Ribail, Kik (USSR) vs. Bujak, Piotr (USA)
Bujak, Piotr (USSR) vs. Ribail, Kik (USA)
Stryker, Michael (USSR) vs. Wei, Kris (USA)
Wei, Kris (USSR) vs. Stryker, Michael (USA)

Group B:
Hogetoorn, Daniël (USSR) vs. Huntley, Paul (USA)
Grbić, Srđan (USSR) vs. Latvala, Jussi-Pekka (USA)
Latvala, Jussi-Pekka (USSR) vs. Grbić, Srđan (USA)
Doumpas, Nick (USSR) vs. Manolopoulos, Tasos (USA)
Latvala, Jussi-Pekka (USSR) vs. Strobel, Johannes (USA)
Strobel, Johannes (USSR) vs. Latvala, Jussi-Pekka (USA)
Huntley, Paul (USSR) vs. Strobel, Johannes (USA)
Strobel, Johannes (USSR) vs. Huntley, Paul (USA)
Bina, Timothy (USSR) vs. Doumpas, Nick (USA)
Doumpas, Nick (USSR) vs. Bina, Timothy (USA)
Hogetoorn, Daniël (USSR) vs. Grbić, Srđan (USA)
Grbić, Srđan (USSR) vs. Hogetoorn, Daniël (USA)

Group C:
Amidon, David (USSR) vs. Mîțiu, Ioan Angelo (USA)
Mîțiu, Ioan Angelo (USSR) vs. Thomopoulos, Nestor (USA)
Łaźniak, Radosław (USSR) vs. Harkins, Tom (USA)
Harkins, Tom (USSR) vs. Łaźniak, Radosław (USA)
Amidon, David (USSR) vs. Łaźniak, Radosław (USA)

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