Hi all!

The details of the deadline system I designed proved several disadvantages:

  1. Too many grace periods allowed very long presence of inactive players who had apprently never intended to play.
  2. Quite active people could lose games just because of bad luck (no option of a particular Deadline Event presence combined with pairing against an inactive player in a given Round).
  3. People wishing to play but having not much time and making much effort to do their best could be eliminated just because they arranged their games against their later Rounds opponents rather than against their earlier Rounds opponents.

I’d rather not change rules inside the season but I have an idea to get rid of several of these disadvantages. If this is OK with all of you, I will change the Final Stage Schedule. This is the suggested new Schedule:

12016-07-17No penalty
22016-08-07No penalty
32016-08-211 game required
42016-09-043 games required
52016-09-185 games required
62016-10-027 games required
72016-10-239 games required
82016-11-0612 games required
92016-11-2015 games required
102016-12-0418 games required
None, no Event2016-12-17All games from Rounds 1-10 required
112016-12-18All games required

The 2016-12-17 Deadline has no Deadline Event (and, conceptually, Deadline is not the same as Deadline Event: the first is when do you have to have some games played and the second is when do you have to appear to be considered not guilty of the fact that some games haven’t been played if they would not). This is just the day when all the games except the last Round must be played to avoid the situation in which during a Deadline Event of the last Round somebody picks between the opponents, deciding whom he leaves without all games played.

The general change is that prior to this deadline it is impossible to be kicked off the tournament just because of lacking your particular games if the number of played games is big enough. Other things remain unchanged: the missing games will be filled with forfeits, basing on having the required number of games played at first place, and being present on the Deadline Event at second place; the 4th forfeiture eliminates; the results of the eliminated player stay if he has 50% games played or more and are re-adjusted to forfeitures otherwise; etc.

I also suggest to offer each of the dropped players participating in the Final Stage in groups that match their final results (which include forfeitures) in the Preliminary Stage. This offer is not valid for players who made no efforts to play an intense tournament, namely: Giancarlo Corcuera, Valerio Inverso, James Shelley, and Aleksander Woźniak. All other players would be able to join if they sign up for the Final Stage (including those who would possibly drop from now on). I am also thinking about allowing new people joining the lowest Final Stage group until it is full (has 12 players).

The Preliminary Stage will be completed under the unchanged ruling.

It goes without saying that whatever the decision, I will adjust the Schedule accordingly for the group which happen to be smaller than 12 players (if any) but the first three suggestions are definitely changing the rules inside the season so I cannot implement them without your agreement.

Please comment below (maybe you will come up with some better ideas) and include answers to the three following questions (yes/no/don’t care):

  1. Do you agree to change the previously published Schedule of the Final Phase to the one presented above?
  2. Do you agree to allow the dropped players (except the four mentioned) coming back to the Final Stage?
  3. Do you agree to allow the potential new players to join the lowest Final Stage group?