Ziemowit Pazderski (Poland) and Kris Wei (China), the first and the third player of the World AREA Twilight Struggle Rating List, drew their match 1:1, Ziemowit being slightly better in minor points.

The more games are played in the Final A, the less is known. Kris is leading with 14 points of 20 games but even with his 3 victories leading over the next players he still cannot be sure about winning league. He has one match remaining and his opponent is Michael Stryker (USA) with the incredible 10 out of 14 (the least number of defeats!).

Ziemowit Pazderski and Charles Robinson (Canada) tie the second place to the nearest minor point! Of course, Ziemowit’s situation looks much better since he has 2 games more to play than Charles does but the last word has certainly not been said yet! Apart from Kris Wei and Michael Stryker there are still Piotr Bujak and Wojciech Pietrzak (both Poland) who have less defeats than Ziemowit and have already played their match. 7 players still have mathematical chances to win the league!

See full table here and detailed match results here.

The next Sunday, 23 October, is a Deadline Event for Round 7 and a Deadline with 9 games required.

The players in danger of forfeits as of 21 October (number of missing games in brackets):

Group A: nobody
Group B: Jarosław Moc (1), Tomáš Tvaroh (2)
Group C: nobody

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A message from Daniël Hogetoorn:

The 5th international face-2-face Twillight Struggle tournament will take place on May 6/7, 2017 in Amsterdam.
The address:
Roomtuintjes 233
The Netherlands
More details are not available yet, but count on the fact that everybody has to arrange his own accommodation.

I was asked to forward it to the tournament participants which I quite willingly do. I participated in TS Convention once when it luckily was in Warsaw and I must really admit that Daniël is an awesome organizer.