2017-a Season May Run

The Pairings and Result Tables for 2017-a Season have been published and are available under 2017-a menu. The Players are allowed to play now and may the best one win.

The League B has 10 players rather than 12. Therefore, the Schedule applies for the League B with the following modifications:

  1. Rounds 1-8 Deadline Events are same as for League A (and same as in the Schedule).
  2. Round 9 Deadline Event is on 18 June 2017, as if it was Round 11.
  3. Soft Deadline requirement is met if a Player meets it after adding 4 to his number of played games.
  4. Hard Deadline requirement is met if a Player meets it after adding 4 to his number of played games.

The most common disadvantage of the previous season pointed out by many players was that YATSL turned out to be a too intense tournament, requiring playing 44 games per year. I do not feel it too intense but I want the league to be the most user-friendly I can perform. Therefore, I decided to decrease the intensity of further seasons by gradually decreasing the number of players in a single league. The 2017-a season in League A will be as intense as either phase of YATSL 2016 but the further seasons will not.

To achieve this, I decreased the number of advancing players from League B by 1. So please note that since 4 players will be degraded to League B, as in 2016, only top 3 players from League B will advance to League A, otherwise than in 2016. Actually, I think that 4 advancing players with 10 players in total would be too many anyway. The single group size for 2017-b season is limited to 11, with no more than 20 games per 6 months required, and will probably be reduced further between 2017-b and 2018-a.

Happy YATSL-ing everyone!

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