Although officially on 1 July, YATSL 2017-b may start now. Pairings and tables are published online.

17 players attended, 8 of whom were entitled to play in League A. I merged all other people to a single League B to avoid small leagues, this should not be considered moving players upwards.

The average rating of players entitled to play in League A is 6137.875. I decided to make use of the opportunity given to me by the 6th Paragraph of the Leagues Section in the Rules and, taking into account the circumstances of the last few days in YATSL 2017-a League A, I moved Charles Robinson (AREA: 6306) from League B to League A.

Please also note that the number of players dropping and advancing are given provided the next YATSL is organised in this formula. I cannot promise it. I will keep the 9-players size of the League but note that the numbers are balanced so that each League ends up with 8 players to save one place for a BGC player.

You may start your games now and let the best win!

Although there are technically several hours left until the end of accepting reports, I’ve published the results, basing on safe assumptions that the matches will not be played.

Ziemowit Pazderski wins the League with 17/22 result. It’s better than the last year’s 16/22 but we have to remember that 3 players forfeited all games this time. Michael Stryker and Janusz Wójciak finished second and third, respectively, and they also had 17/22. The very last game of the league, in which Wojciech Pietrzak (US+2) defeated Janusz Wójciak (USSR), decided that it was Ziemowit, not Janusz, who won the title.


The Special Fair-Play Honorable Mention goes to Charles Robinson who put an enormous effort to actually play a match against Kris Wei, succeeded in this effort, and lost this match which cost him keeping up his position in League A. He could easily secure his League A place by simply ignoring potential Kris’ efforts to play the game and winning the match by forfeiture but he did not. He also knew that presence in League A was at stake. Thank you, Charles, for your sportsmanship!

5 losses was a margin not only in League A but also in League B. Tom Harkins won League B with 13/18, Jędrzej Gąsiorowski and Daniël Hogetoorn finished second and third, respectively, and they also had 13/18. All the three of them are welcome in League A in the next season!

Three people had withdrawn silently from the tournament: David Amidon (League B), Kik Ribail, and Kris Wei (both League A). They are banned from YATSL 2017-b Edition but they are welcome later. They may also join BGC 2017-b.

I also remind you that the next season starts on July 1, 2017, and that the deadline for sign ups is 25 June. Please note that only sign ups via e-mail are valid! No chatroom, no facebook, etc.

Until next season!