25 Participants So Far!

We have 25 participants and this is great. Also, all the e-mails are working (but note to myself and to whom it may concern: double-check the data your mails are sent from! The problem I faced was that the recipient’s server had been claiming that the e-mail had not existed because it had an anti-spam policy to not accept e-mails if the sender’s first or last name contains ‘@’ sign or has only one character).

25 participants mean that to avoid too often deadlines or deadlines on inconvenient weekends we will have a two stage tournament. In the first stage the players will be divided into preliminary groups, the second stage will be played in the groups according to the places taken in the first stage.


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  • Kik Ribail says:


    I’m in to play YATSL, you just have to contact me by email at kik38@hotmail.com




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