Wargameroom Chat Java Problems with Newest Browsers

The newest versions of Firefox and Chrome no longer support Java and they are declared to never support Java in the future due to security reasons. Oracle officially recommends using Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on MacOS but this still leaves Unix users (like me) in trouble.

For Firefox the official Oracle’s recommendation is using Firefox 52 ESR release but I do not recommend this. Despite being a quite experienced user I could not really make it running well, and this will cease to support Java in 2018 anyway.

What I recommend for Unix is SeaMonkey 2.46 release. It is yet another free browser delivered by Mozilla Foundation, and, although it looks like a 20th century product and just a less ugly version of Netscape, it’s fully functional as for entering Wargameroom.com chat. What is more, you do not install it as a system application, instead you just unpack the downloaded file into your home directory and run the binary directly from there. Therefore, you do not need a superuser privileges to get this browser, all you need is a disk space: 150 MB at once (almost 50 MB for packed version plus 100 MB for unpacked version) plus whatever data you need to store minus 50 MB (because you may simply delete the packed file after unpacking the browser).

I hope this helps somebody.

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