Final Round 10 Deadline Event Reminder

The next Sunday, 4 December 2016, is the Deadline Event for Round 10 and a Deadline with the requirement of 18 games.

The following players are threatened by forfeiture (number of missing games in brackets, players who are threatened of being entirely dropped out in bold, the second number is the minimal number of games needed to be played to avoid dropping):

Group A: Gąsiorowski Jędrzej (2), Maziukiewicz Karol (3, 2), Ribail Kik (2), Shaheen Anthony (2)
Group B: Doumpas Nick (1), Hogetoorn Daniël (1), Huntley Paul (2), Latvala Jussi-Pekka (2)
Group C: Amidon David (1), Harkins Tom (1), Mîțiu Ioan Angelo (2, 1), Thomopoulos Nestor (1), Vuchnich Alex (3, 1)

Please arrange and play games to avoid forfeitures if possible.

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