Final Round 4 Deadline Event Reminder

The next Sunday, 4 September, is a Deadline Event for Round 4 and a Deadline with 3 games required. Nobody in Groups A and B is in danger of forfeiture but six people in Group C are in danger of forfeiture since they have only 2 games each: forfeiture victories over Denis Larocque who had withdrawn.

This is a good opportunity to show differences between a Deadline and a Deadline Event.

Technically I could perform Deadlines and Deadline Events on separate days, and, more to the point, I could make more Deadlines than Deadline Events or vice versa. Actually, I did it once (look at the bottom of the Final Stage Schedule) but generally I tried to avoid this for my convenience and, as I suppose, for yours as well.

Deadline Event for Round 4 means that, unless you have your both games from Round 4 already played, you are expected to appear on chat on 7 p.m. Warsaw time and remain there for at least 30 minutes or until you start playing. During these 30 minutes you must not start game against any other opponent than your Round 4 opponent, the game against whom has priority. Whether or not you do it may decide about on who’s favour will the forfeiture be granted when it comes to it. And it comes to it on Deadlines.

Deadline is the day up to the end of which (also Warsaw time) you are required to complete the given number of games. A game is completed if it has been played and I receive the report or if it has been declared forfeited. If the required number of games is not completed, the first non-completed games are forfeited to fulfil the minimal requirements. By “first” I mean I search Round by Round, pair by pair, until all players have at least 3 games. The number of Round assigned to the current Deadline Event is irrelevant for this since Deadline is not Deadline Event.

This is the moment when the pairings and Round assignment really matters.

For the moment of writing this post Peter Cheung, Kremen Hozjan, Sergey Mukailov, Ioan Angelo Mîțiu, Ted Torgerson, and Robert Evan Woodham have only 2 games completed. I hope this changes but if not, here’s the procedure I’ll apply on Monday, 5 September 2016, as soon as I get back from work. I hope this clarifies everything once forever.

  1. I go through the Pairing of Group C and search through matches with missing game or games, Round by Round, pair by pair.
  2. The first match I see is Robert Evan Woodham vs. Tom Harkins, Round 1. I see that Robert Evan was present on Round 1 Deadline Event and Tom was not but this is irrelevant since Tom has met his requirements and Robert Evan has not. Therefore, the forfeiture goes against Robert Evan. Only one game is forfeited because this is enough for both players to meet the current requirement. Since no games were played the first game from the match is forfeited. It’s a game with Robert Evan as USSR and Tom as USA, as Robert Evan is mentioned first in this pair. The second game is left to be played.
  3. The second match I see is Peter Cheung vs. Radosław Łaźniak, Round 1. I see none of them was present on Round 1 Deadline Event but this is irrelevant since only Peter is missing one game. The procedure follows as in R. E. Woodham vs. T. Harkins match.
  4. The next unfinished match is Alex Vuchnich vs. Sergey Mukailov, Round 1. This time Alex was absent and Sergey was present but again: Alex does not need more games for now, Sergey does. The procedure follows as in cases above, only USSR is winning by forfeiture because the first game is the one played by Alex as USSR and by Sergey as USA.
  5. The next unfinished match is Kremen Hozjan vs. Ted Torgerson, Round 1. This time both players need more games. Kremen was present and Ted was not on Round 1 Deadline Event and this is the moment when the presence is decisive: their first game, Kremen as USSR against Ted as USA, is declared won by forfeiture by Kremen.
  6. Now I see unplayed match between Nestor Thomopoulos and Ted Torgerson, Round 2, but I ignore it since at this moment both players have 3 or more games.
  7. Same for Sergey Mukailov versus Kremen Hozjan, Round 2.
  8. I see a match between Radosław Łaźniak and Ioan Angelo Mîțiu, Round 2. On absence of both players and requirement met by Radosław and not met by Ioan Angelo I declare the first game won by Radosław, the one he was supposed to play as USSR.
  9. At the moment all players have 3 or more games so I stop applying Deadline forfeitures procedure.

I hope this removes all questions about it. I pointed out what I see because this may change in time while this post will be here.

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