Final Round 6 Deadline Event Reminder

The next Sunday, 2 October, is a Deadline Event for Round 6 and a Deadline with 7 games required.

The players in danger of forfeits as of 26 September (number of missing games in brackets):

Group A: Piotr Bujak (2)
Group B: Nick Doumpas (1), Jarosław Moc (1), Tomáš Tvaroh (1)
Group C: Kremen Hozjan (2), Ioan Angelo Mîțiu (1), Sergey Mukailov (2), Ted Torgerson (2), Robert Evan Woodham (2)

The players in bold are also in danger of being dropped from the tournament entirely if they lose one more game to due to forfeiture.

Please note that being dropped for forfeitures before playing at least 50% (11) games in each phase results in a ban for further editions, removable only under deposit in Bitcoin. Announced withdrawal (mailing me about resignation before the player is dropped due to forfeitures) or late silent withdrawal (11 or more games played) leave the door to the next seasons open for free. This is the case of Paweł Januszewski, Denis Larocque, Nick Reed, and several other players eliminated after the Preliminary Phase.

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