Final Round 9 Deadline Event Reminder

The next Sunday, 20 November 2016, is the Deadline Event for Round 9 and a Deadline with the requirement of 15 games.

The following players are in danger of forfeiture (number of missing games in brackets, players who are threatened of being entirely dropped out in bold):

Group A: Bujak Piotr (1), Maziukiewicz Karol (1), Shaheen Anthony (2), Stryker Michael (1)
Group B: nobody
Group C: Mîțiu Ioan Angelo (1), Mukailov Sergey (1), Vuchnich Alex (1)

Piotr Bujak and Anthony Shaheen produce a special case since the first game to be forfeited in their case is the game between them from Round 2. The point is that they were both present during the Deadline Event of Round 2 but somehow ended up their presence by playing only one game. This works almost as if they were both absent during the Deadline Event (and, therefore, it would end up with double forfeiture) but I am opened for explanations why the second game had not been played and I may rule otherwise.

Of course I prefer not to rule such cases but to publish the reported results of actually played games instead.

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