Final Stage Pairings Online

Hi, Folks!

The Final Stage Pairings are already online. You can see it in the menu on the left.

Although not all the players are known, you may start playing right now against the players who are known. Please note that players who already have some games to play during their Preliminary Phase are not allowed to play their Final Phase games even if their group is known until they have 22 games in their Preliminary Phase table. Such reports will not be taken into account.

Very important notice for the new players and for the players who took places 7-12 in their groups!

Since there were 9 players to be put in the Final C, 2 players to be put in the Final C or the Final D, depending on the interpretation of the rules (should I move the withdrawn players down the table under the non-withdrawn players or should they stay where they are according to their actual results?), and 2 players who signed up to play, I decided to merge this into one group. However, as a group of 13, this one would have to consist of 13 rounds and 24 games against each other while the schedule covers 22 games and I promised there won’t be more.

Therefore, I decided to run this as first 11 rounds of a Round Robin of 13 players, counting BYE (not playing) as a double draw (two games, one match point, zero small points). I have drawn the starting numbers and used the pairing table from the chess Rulebook.

You may start playing the Finals now and good luck to everyone!

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