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Further Seasons Rules – YATSL

Further Seasons Rules

I’ve described the rules of advancing to the higher league groups and dropping to the lower league groups in further seasons on a separate page.

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4 Replies to “Further Seasons Rules“  

  • Janusz says:

    I am all for 44 games. I’d much rather have more players per league and play more games, finishing’em within a year (22 players equal 42 games, it seems, and 24 -46 games, all doable within a year). The more games, the less random the outcome.


  • Charles Robinson says:

    I’m on the fence, myself, regarding whether players should play 2 or 4 games against each opponent. I certainly feel the attraction of playing more games against each opponent, but fear that that might effectively close off the league. I think that the thought of having to play a full year of games before being able to advance will be quite discouraging for players who are new to the league.

    My biggest concern is that these further rules don’t at all address what I think proved to be a real (and to my mind, the biggest) flaw with the league, namely, players being dropped – and in the cases of Gabor Foldes, Bill Wycherley, and George Young, certainly not for lack of interest! I can see that forfeits need to be assigned as they are because of the Round Robin format, but dropping players after so few forfeits, which are easily the product of timezone differences, is unduly harsh. This needs to be addressed.


    • admin says:

      I also thought about it.
      I can’t do much about it in this season. Changing the forfeits system as it was done with the Final Phase Schedule should address the problem of harshness of the league but not the problem of the players already dropped.
      My best idea for now is to allow all players coming back since the next season (except the four who played no games or two games in one case) and make use of wildcards if there are any. In case there aren’t any shortening single advance chance period seems legit.


  • Ziemowit says:

    I prefer a shorter, more dynamic league – the league should last 6 months at most. 22 games is quite enough to produce a credible champion.
    My only doubt is whether there should be an elimination phase every time (like in this year). A reset like that would be a more open format, especially for new players. On the other hand, keeping the leagues the way they were formed, with a promotion/relegation system, would certainly be more “fair” and have certain “gravitas”.


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