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Hi, Folks!

From now on all the *.wgr files from the reported games are publicly available for downloading. The download directory is here:

Also please note the file naming convention: Prelim is for Preliminary Stage (Final will be for the Final Stage), the letter A, B, C, or D is the group, then the number of the round with leading zero if lesser than 10, then the USSR player’s last name, followed by USSR, then the USA player’s name, followed by USA. The file extension is wgr. It would be much easier for me if you had followed this convention in your reports.

I did not replay all the games so I don’t guarantee the files are malware free.

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4 Replies to “Games Repository“  

  • Laurent says:

    I like to use the applet at:
    Yours right? Great job!
    But do you know if there’s a way to simply extract the log without having to press OK a 1000 times in Wargameroom?


    • admin says:

      Actually, it’s Ziemowit’s job.
      And no, I don’t know the way, how do I do it?


  • Ziemowit says:

    You can collect the log during the game. It can be a bit distracting, but not very much, as it requires no more than 3-4 copy-paste actions for a full game.
    For collecting the log of a short game (or the last log fragment of a long one) you can also start 2 local instances of the TS program. Use one to load the game and start the server, and the other to connect to it (connect to IP That will load the entire game, so should save you 4-5 turns of clicking.

    Apart from that – sorry, but I don’t have access to the game program’s source code, so I can’t really decode the save game. You would need to talk to its author, Bruce Wigdor, about it.
    This might be problematic though, since he’s not responded to emails for some time now.

    By the way – I uploaded a new version of the applet last evening. No revolutionary changes, just a few bug fixes as well as I added tables for displaying breakdown of cards by ops. So, for example, you can now check which player had more 4-op cards – or more scorings.

    And thanks for your appreciation – it’s nice to know that my work is used and liked by the community, despite the technical difficulties of running an unsigned Java applet.


    • Laurent says:

      All right! The idea of starting 2 instances is great!
      Thanks a lot again for this great applet and congratulations on the work done. It’s awesome!


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