Final Standings:

  1. Gretchen Schulz
  2. Tasos Manolopoulos
  3. Charles Robinson
  4. Karol Maziukiewicz
  5. Nestor Thomopoulos
  6. Wojciech Pietrzak
  7. Andrea Alberini
  8. Nick Doumpas
  9. Daniël Hogetoorn
  10. Benjámin Babus
Round 1Round 2Round 3Final
Game 1Babus, Benjámin (USSR)Game 3Alberini, Andrea (USSR)Game 7*Robinson, Charles (USSR)Manolopoulos, Tasos (USSR)
Robinson, Charles (US+2)Robinson, Charles (US+2)
Game 4Schulz, Gretchen (USSR)Schulz, Gretchen (US+2)
Thomopoulos, Nestor (US+2)
Game 5Maziukiewicz, Karol (USSR)Game 8Maziukiewicz, Karol (USSR)Schulz, Gretchen (US+2)
Doumpas, Nick (US+2)
Game 2Manolopoulos, Tasos (USSR)Game 6Manolopoulos, Tasos (USSR)Manolopoulos, Tasos (US+2)
Hogetoorn, Daniël (US+2)Pietrzak, Wojciech (US+2)

Players in bold advanced further, game numbers in bold indicate drawn games.
*Game had crashed right before USA T10AR7 but the players agreed for USA victory in the Final Scoring after detailed calculation.