League B Result and Final Standings Change!

There was an extraordinary case in League B.

Totally accidentally, by a comment on a Facebook group, I realised that something was wrong in a game between Ioan Mîtiu and Scott MacGregor. After short mail conversation with the players it turned out that the game was started when both players intended it to be a YATSL game and Scott was ill. Scott made several obvious mistakes, ending up with forcing himself into a DEFCON suicide by „We Will Bury You!!!” which was easy avoidable. The players then agreed to nullify the game and play it once again. The second game was won by Scott and this result was reported.

This was so much against the rules and the spirit of the game that I couldn’t even imagine. The rules strictly forbid takebacks even under mutual agreement and no matter the consequences with one exception which was not the case. Taking back the whole game is like taking back a bunch of moves, including the initial card drawing.

More to the point, this game was decisive about the second and third place in a league with two people advancing.

Both players responded quicklyand (hopefully) honestly so I am not going to subtract them any points or punish them in any other way for what they did. I really believe they saw nothing wrong in their actions.

But it was wrong.

I decided that the result of the unreported game stays because the game was intended to be a YATSL game when it started. I also decided to report all the three games between these players (the third was played in an usual way I suppose) to AREA. As for minor points, I decided whatever I could deduct from the correspondence. Since Scott was losing by DEFCON suicide with WWBY it must have been the game which was played by Ioan as USSR at first place. Moreover, it must have ended somewhere between Turn 4 and Turn 10. In such a case with no more details I take the least favorable option for each player so I grant Ioan +21 minor points (as if he had won on Turn 10) and Scott -27 minor points (as if he had lost on Turn 4).

After changing the result Benjámin Babus rather than Scott MacGregor ends up second and he advances to the League A of the next season. Still believing that Scott did not mean to do anything wrong I offer him a wild card. He will be placed in a League A in the next season at first place if any of the entitled players resigns from continuing. If all players decide to play, Scott is offered a place in League A in the next but one season, no matter the outcome.

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