Nick Reed Withdraws, Daniël Hogetoorn Is Moved From Final C To Final B

Hi, Folks!

Nick Reed had withdrawn from the Final Phase before playing any games. I could leave it as is but since Final C had 13 people and a complicated system I could as well change it back to a normal Round Robin matching the schedule by moving one participant from the Final C to the Final B.

I decided to go for the second option. The candidates were Ted Torgerson (the best advancing to the Final C from the Preliminary Group of Nick Reed) and Daniël Hogetoorn (the best result among all the players from the Final C in the Preliminary Phase). I decided to promote Daniël for two reasons: first of all, he has a higher AREA rating, and second thing is that he had not forfeited any game in the Preliminary Phase, compared with 3 forfeits of Ted.

Since all the groups contain now 12 people and match the schedule I won’t make any other replacements due to withdrawals this season.

The main changes are:

  1. Nick Reed is no longer in the Final B and in YATSL 2016.
  2. Daniël Hogetoorn is no longer in the Final C. Instead, he is paired where Nick Reed was paired in the Final B.
  3. The Final C is a Round Robin system where everybody plays each other. BYEs are no longer awarded.
  4. Due to the fact that the BYEs were awarded and some players might include it in their plans, the requirements for the players in the Final C are lowered 1 game each Deadline Event until September, i.e: there is no penalty for no games on 21 August, and there are 2 and 4 games required on 4 and 18 September respectively.


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