Prize Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An exclusive card designed by Jason Matthews will be one of the prizes in YATSL 2016.

Jason Matthews – this Jason Matthews – was kind enough to design a card specifically to offer the card as a prize in YATSL 2016. The card project is already ready, as well as rules clarifications, and the physical performance is all that remains. I guess one year will be more than enough.

So, apart from other prizes, several copies of this card will be available in this league only, and, more to the point, I will neither reveal the card now nor after the season (but the winners may). I guess such a prize should be an elite one, yet still theoretically available to anyone, so the least number of winnable YATSL 2016 promo cards is:

The numbers above may increase, this will depend on the total number of players.

Convincing enough to sign up if you were hesitant? 😉

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