The common questions and answers.

Can we start playing before 1 January 2016?

Yes, you can.

Should games be played in some particular order?

No, games can be played in any order.

What exactly does ’10 games required’ mean?

It means that once this deadline comes you don’t forfeit provided you have at least 10 games played, and that it does not matter which games have you played (provided they are against players from your schedule).

What’s the point in the order of the rounds then?

There are two.

First of all, since April you will have to have particular games played when the deadline comes. This means that having 12, 14, or even 20 games played does not excuse you if you have any game from earlier rounds unplayed anymore.

The second reason is that if you have, for example, 9 games played on March deadline, you lose one game to forfeiture and in this case the earliest unplayed game will be selected.

What’s the difference between being the first and the second player in a pair?

I assume that the first player from the pair plays the earlier game as USSR and this is relevant only for forfeitures when there are not enough number of games played on a March deadline.

What’s the meaning of a deadline with no penalty?

Despite no penalty on a deadline day a game will eventually have to be either played or declared forfeited. If the game isn’t played prior to the round deadline, whether you appear on chat on a round deadline time or not will be decisive to determine the winner if it comes to declare forfeiture in this game. If you are sure that you will play the game before the grace period ends and the real deadlines come, this is meaningless to you but you are the one to take the risk.

I played a game, what now?

E-mail me: Include the players’ names, the sides, the result (the exact score in case of Final Scoring or the Turn of finishing the game in case the game ends earlier is a minimum), and, if it’s possible, a Wargameroom game file (*.wgr). Even if you lose reporting is recommended. If you don’t report and your opponent does, I will solely base on your opponent’s report.

What’s the reporting deadline?

I should receive an e-mail by the end of the deadline day, Warsaw time. However, if I receive a report later but before I sit down to update the results and tables, I will also include this. I want as many games as possible to be played and as few as possible (preferably zero) to be declared forfeited.