Last updated: 2016-07-03

Thom Richardson withdrew on April 3, 2016, before playing 50% of his games. Therefore all the games are adjudicated as forfeits against him, including these played by him. This change is included in the table but not on the results page. Alex Vallet withdres from the Tournament on April 4, 2016, with 50% or more of the games played. The results against him stand, the remaining games against him are declared forfeited. Anthony Wilkes is dropped from the tournament by reaching the forfeitures threshold on his very last games.

 PlayerGamesPtsSmall Pts
Pazderski, Ziemowit2219414
Dunbring, Daniel2219295
Bujak, Piotr2218320
Moc, Jarosław22(2)13.588
Doumpas, Nick2213166
Bina, Timothy221193
Mîțiu, Ioan Angelo22(2)10-13
Cheung, Peter22(2)10-23
Wilkes, Anthony228-158
Vallet, Alex226.5-203
Saunier, Laurent221-499
Richardson, Thom220-660

Final A: Ziemowit Pazderski, Daniel Dunbring, and Piotr Bujak.
Final B: Jarosław Moc Nick Doumpas, and Timothy Bina.
Final C: Ioan Angelo Mîțiu and Peter Cheung.