Last updated: 2016-07-03

Leonard Kay withdrew on March 18, 2016, before playing 50% of his games. Valerio Inverso and Aleksander Woźniak were removed from the Tournament on March 21, 2016, before playing 50% of their games each. Therefore all the games are adjudicated as forfeits against them, including these played by them. The games between them are adjudicated as double forfeits. This change is included in the table but not on the results page.

 PlayerGamesPtsSmall Pts
Stryker, Michael2219419
Gąsiorowski, Jędrzej2218334
Maziukiewicz, Karol2216.5260
Latvala, Jussi-Pekka2216289
Tvaroh, Tomáš2215242
Strobel, Johannes2212120
Larocque, Denis221138
Mukailov, Sergey2210.544
Thomopoulos, Nestor228-126
Woźniak, Aleksander220-660
Inverso, Valerio220-660
Kay, Leonard220-660

Final A: Michael Stryker, Jędrzej Gąsiorowski, and Karol Maziukiewicz.
Final B: Tomáš Tvaroh, Johannes Strobel, and Jussi-Pekka Latvala.
Final C: Denis Larocque, Sergey Mukailov, and Nestor Thomopoulos.