Special Prizes Announcement

We now have December, a new month, it’s a good time to announce special prizes. Today I announce the concept but soon I will announce the very greatest prize you could ever imagine in such an amateur tournament 😉 This will happen on 11th December or when we have 45 people on the list, whatever comes first.

Special prizes will differ from main prizes in the sense that one does not have to play a very good tournament to get the special prize because single games will contest these prizes rather than the players’ results in the whole tournament. The general rules for special prizes:

  1. The player who achieves the best result in a single game wins the prize.
  2. If two or more games are tied, the game played in the further tournament round wins (yes, I like keeping tension until the end).
  3. If this is also tied, more people will get the special prize (no more than 5, if more people tie, there will be a lottery).
  4. For special prizes purposes only the games played on wargameroom and reported with a full, replayable *.wgr file count.

Special Prize No. 1 Announcement

Goal: win a game as USSR, coming back from the worst situation. The situation will be measured with the USA VPs in its peak moment. The more VPs USA has in its peak moment, the better the game is in this classification provided USSR wins the game.

Europe Control victories always count for this goal (losing due to holding Europe Scoring if Europe is USSR-Controlled is considered an Europe Control victory). Other victories count only if USSR manages to be ahead in VPs after the peak USA value but before the game ends (simplifying: if you get to +19VPs and win by DEFCON, or on time, etc., this does not count).

The prize for this goal: the Polish promotional card from 4th edition of Twilight Struggle Game “Lata ołowiu” (“Years of Lead”, originally taken from Italian edition) with translated event text.


(only if reported a candidate game):

  1. Anthony Shaheen for a game against Srđan Grbić (18 VP)
  2. Charles Robinson for a game against Wojciech Pietrzak (15 VP)
  3. Tomas Tvaroh for a game against Sergei Mukailov (15 VP)
  4. Robert Evan Woodham for a game against Tasos Manolopoulos (14 VP)

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