The Playing Formula

Since there are 48 players, the season was divided into 2 stages.

In the first stage, players will compete with each other in 4 groups 12 players each. I wanted to transmit drawing of groups online but after 11 minutes I failed. I finished the drawing anyway, dividing AREA-rated players into 8 baskets containing 4 players each (1 to each preliminary group) and putting non-AREA rated players in a single basket of 16 to draw 4 to each preliminary group.

3 of the best from each group will advance to the Final A, the next 3 will advance to the Final B, the next 3 will advance to the Final C, and the last 3 will advance to the Final D. The finals will be played the same way, just without drawing. The results from the preliminary stage will not count other way than to determine who goes into which group.

If a player is eliminated due to forfeitures, he will still be assigned to the proper final group, however, he will not be allowed to play. Therefore, a final group other than just a Final D may be smaller than 12 players. I hope this won’t happen.

I will post the drawing results soon, then I will mail you all and you may start playing. May the best one win!

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