TS Convention 2018

TS Convention 2018 Results

TS Convention 2018 will take place in Warsaw. The detailed adderss:

Paradox Cafe
Anielewicza 2
00-157 Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland
Facebook page

Date and time: 26 and 27 May 2018.

Entry fee: approx. 25 euro, including:

There is no fee for the entrance itself to the bar; in return, each player of the tournament will have an open bill and must pre-paid this bill for 60 Polish zlotys. If he doesn’t spend this amount of money during the tournament the unspent money is gone.

The playing venue is limited to 30 players, the order of application decides! The deadline for applications is Saturday, 28 April 2018. Applications should be sent by e-mail to pietshaq@zimna-wojna.pl.


If you do not apply you may still appear but with absolutely no guarantee of being able to play. If you apply you are assumed to appear, otherwise we’ll just have to cover your costs (and we won’t be happy).

We do not provide chess clocks, we strongly recommend to bring both own copies of the game and mobile phones with chess clock application installed.

Playing issues and rules disambiguities are the same as in previous years, see this page.

List of Applications as of 2018-04-28 (in order of application):

  1. Ziemowit Pazderski (Poland)
  2. Wojciech Pietrzak (Poland)
  3. Timothy Bina (USA)
  4. Robert Bina (USA)
  5. Karl Johan Nordensten (Sweden)
  6. Janusz Szulc (Poland)
  7. Tasos Manolopoulos (Greece)
  8. Marek Burkacki (Poland)
  9. Jędrzej Gąsiorowski (Poland)
  10. Sławomir Kierat (Poland)
  11. Jaroslav Mankos (Slovakia)
  12. Kamil Wilczek (Poland)
  13. Tomasz Łaniewski (Poland)
  14. Stanisław Heba (Poland)
  15. Simon O’Brien (England)
  16. Yahia Abaza (Egypt)
  17. Michał Dys (Poland)
  18. Tomasz Borowy (Poland)
  19. Adrian Ziarko (Poland)
  20. Andrea Cossutta (Italy)
  21. John Kaulakis (USA)

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