Two Possible Winners Left

Finally, we reached the moment where the upcoming results make the situation rather clearer than more complicated.

Michael Stryker and Kris Wei are the only players who still have chance to win YATSL 2016 and they have only the match against each other missing. Michael is leading by 2 points and 83 minor points which puts him in a clearly superior position: not only it’s enough for him to win or draw a single game of the match but he can even afford losing 0:2 provided he won’t lose too fast. For example, by surviving until the Final Scoring in both games Michael will win by at least 3 minor points.

The odd difference between Stryker’s and Wei’s minor points is just icing on the cake by making a total draw impossible.

The next places are still unclear. Michael Stryker may never end up worse than on the second place but Kris Wei may still drop even to fourth.

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