Withdrawal and Replacement

Laurent Saunier from Group A has withdrawn after playing 12 games. According to the rules all his unplayed games had been declared as forfeitures in favor of his opponents and the results of all the games he had played remain. Forfeiture win doesn’t differ from a normal win except it is not counted into AREA rating.

Jonathan Prigoff from Group C has withdrawn without playing any games. Since he did this before 15 February which was the deadline for Late Entries if I had any slots and since he had no games played I decided to let Kris Wei play instead. Kris plays as a normal player, Late Entry rules do not appear. He only had inherited absence on Round 1 and Round 2 deadlines with all the consequences (he has played his match from Round 1, however). Jonathan didn’t really mess too much in the table, therefore I decided to allow him to join the next season without any penalty if he wishes. He will be added under a normal regulations according new players in such a case.

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