Since there are 48 players, the season was divided into 2 stages. In the first stage, players will compete with each other in 4 groups 12 players each. I wanted to transmit drawing of groups online but after 11 minutes I failed. I finished the drawing anyway, dividing AREA-rated players into 8 baskets containing 4 […]

There are 48 people signed up in a normal time. This is a perfect number to divide people to 4 preliminary groups 12 players each, then play 4 final groups 12 players each. Therefore, I decide that the number of the extra slots for late entries will be zero. The rules regarding the schedule and […]

I keep getting thanks for organizing YATSL and questions about the way of supporting it. I am very glad about it and here’s what you can do: Donate via PayPal using the button from the bottom menu. Turn off AdBlock or similar tools entirely or for this site only. Inform other people about YATSL. Post […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, An exclusive card designed by Jason Matthews will be one of the prizes in YATSL 2016. Jason Matthews – this Jason Matthews – was kind enough to design a card specifically to offer the card as a prize in YATSL 2016. The card project is already ready, as well as rules clarifications, […]

While adding another strong player to the participants list, Charles Robinson, I realized that the ratings here were no longer compatible with the list published by Mr. Hogetoorn. His list is unofficial as of 30 November but I updated the ratings notwithstanding.

We now have December, a new month, it’s a good time to announce special prizes. Today I announce the concept but soon I will announce the very greatest prize you could ever imagine in such an amateur tournament 😉 This will happen on 11th December or when we have 45 people on the list, whatever […]