The next Sunday, 2 October, is a Deadline Event for Round 6 and a Deadline with 7 games required. The players in danger of forfeits as of 26 September (number of missing games in brackets): Group A: Piotr Bujak (2) Group B: Nick Doumpas (1), Jarosław Moc (1), Tomáš Tvaroh (1) Group C: Kremen Hozjan […]

The next Sunday, 18 September, is a Deadline Event for Round 5 and a Deadline with 5 games required. In Group A Karol Maziukiewicz is one game behind the requirement and he must play a game to avoid forfeiture. There are no players behind the requirement in Group B. In Group C Peter Cheung is […]

The next Sunday, 4 September, is a Deadline Event for Round 4 and a Deadline with 3 games required. Nobody in Groups A and B is in danger of forfeiture but six people in Group C are in danger of forfeiture since they have only 2 games each: forfeiture victories over Denis Larocque who had […]