Ziemowit Pazderski (Poland) and Kris Wei (China), the first and the third player of the World AREA Twilight Struggle Rating List, drew their match 1:1, Ziemowit being slightly better in minor points. The more games are played in the Final A, the less is known. Kris is leading with 14 points of 20 games but […]

The next Sunday, 23 October, is a Deadline Event for Round 7 and a Deadline with 9 games required. The players in danger of forfeits as of 21 October (number of missing games in brackets): Group A: nobody Group B: Jarosław Moc (1), Tomáš Tvaroh (2) Group C: nobody

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A message from Daniël Hogetoorn: The 5th international face-2-face Twillight Struggle tournament will take place on May 6/7, 2017 in Amsterdam. The address: Roomtuintjes 233 Amsterdam The Netherlands More details are not available yet, but count on the fact that everybody has to arrange his own accommodation. I was asked to forward it to the […]