The Pairings and Result Tables for 2017-a Season have been published and are available under 2017-a menu. The Players are allowed to play now and may the best one win. The League B has 10 players rather than 12. Therefore, the Schedule applies for the League B with the following modifications: Rounds 1-8 Deadline Events […]

It’s Over! After a year of a very hard struggle, Twilight Struggle, the first season of YATSL is officially finished. I wish to thank everybody for taking part in this tournament! It was a great pleasure to run this for you and I hope to meet you in the next season. You still have time […]

Michael Stryker and Kris Wei left their match to be played as the last one for either of them, when it was becoming more and more clear that this one would be decisive about the winner of YATSL 2016 Edition. Kris Wei won the decisive match 2:0. However, Michael Stryker had survived until the Final […]

17 December is a Deadline (not Deadline Event!) when all games from Rounds 1-10 are required to be played. If they are not, they are going to be forfeited, basing entirely on the presence during the Deadline Events. The only option of not losing such a game if it is not played and you had […]

Finally, we reached the moment where the upcoming results make the situation rather clearer than more complicated. Michael Stryker and Kris Wei are the only players who still have chance to win YATSL 2016 and they have only the match against each other missing. Michael is leading by 2 points and 83 minor points which […]