YATSL 2018 Finished!

YATSL 2018 is finished and I finally managed to update the page. Sorry for the big delay! The winner of the 2018 Edition is Charles Robinson, congratulations! He won 12 games out of 16 in tournament A. The next places were: Ziemowit Pazderski, Gretchen Schulz, and Michael Stryker, with 10 points out of 16 games […]

TS Convention 2018

TS Convention 2018 Results TS Convention 2018 will take place in Warsaw. The detailed adderss: Paradox Cafe Anielewicza 2 00-157 Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland Facebook page Date and time: 26 and 27 May 2018. Entry fee: approx. 25 euro, including: 10 euro for Prizes (3 best players will be awarded prizes, the detailed division to be […]

YATSL 2017-b Finished!

YATSL 2017-b is finished. Congratulations to Ziemowit Pazderski on winning with a great outcome 14/16. The second place was occupied by Michael Stryker – the only player to get into top 3 (actually, top 2) in every edition so far! – and Charles Robinson ended up third, proving I was right to award him a […]

League B Result and Final Standings Change!

There was an extraordinary case in League B. Totally accidentally, by a comment on a Facebook group, I realised that something was wrong in a game between Ioan Mîtiu and Scott MacGregor. After short mail conversation with the players it turned out that the game was started when both players intended it to be a […]

Two Withdrawals and League B is Completed

Janusz Wójciak had announced his withdrawal from League A. I’m sorry to hear that and I hope to meet him in the further seasons. Paweł Januszewski had announced his withdrawal from League B. I’m sorry to hear that and I hope to meet him in the further seasons. League B is completed. Congratulations for Gretchen […]

Player’s Name Changed!

One of the strongest players in the world’s name is no longer Janusz Wójciak but Janusz Szulc. He’s still the same strong player. The changes will not affect the current and previous editions of YATSL but will affect the further ones (provided AREA data is updated until then). However, Janusz may appear on chat or […]

YATSL 2017-b Starts!

Although officially on 1 July, YATSL 2017-b may start now. Pairings and tables are published online. 17 players attended, 8 of whom were entitled to play in League A. I merged all other people to a single League B to avoid small leagues, this should not be considered moving players upwards. The average rating of […]

YATSL 2017-a Summary

Although there are technically several hours left until the end of accepting reports, I’ve published the results, basing on safe assumptions that the matches will not be played. Ziemowit Pazderski wins the League with 17/22 result. It’s better than the last year’s 16/22 but we have to remember that 3 players forfeited all games this […]

YATSL 2017-a June Calendar

June is the last month of YATSL 2017-a Edition. Therefore, the calendar is much heavier loaded than before. 1 June: Soft Deadline with 16 (League A) or 12 games (League B) required. Players with missing games: Kris Wei (League A), David Amidon and John Riston (League B). 2 June: Hard Deadline with 12 (League A) […]

2017-b Sign Ups Opened!

Sign Ups for YATSL 2017-b are now opened! See new position in menu. Please note that YATSL 2017-a players will not be signed up to 2017-b automatically and must send me an e-mail if they wish to play! CLOSED! See also 2017-b BGC if you wish to play in Cup!