1. YATSL stands for Yet Another Twilight Struggle League.

  2. YATSL is a Twilight Struggle tournament open for everybody.

  3. YATSL is a tournament with no entry fees (in general).

  4. YATSL is a tournament with prizes.

  5. All deadlines refer to the time zone of Warsaw, Poland. If only the day is given, the end of the day in Warsaw is decisive.

  6. YATSL is played in seasons, one season matching one calendar year. The first season of YATSL will be 2016.


  1. To play YATSL e-mail me: Provide the following data: your first (given) name, your last name, country of residence, sex (only male and female allowed), and contact e-mail. If you are not on the AREA rating list please provide also a city of residence and a nationality. Put „YATSL Application” somewhere in the subject. By doing this you agree for all the data except e-mail to be published in association with your results, and for your e-mail to be shared among the participants.

  2. Applications are allowed till February 15, 2016. Applications sent till December 25, 2015, will be treated „normal”. Applications sent later will be called „late entries”.

  3. For YATSL to be played at least 6 normal applications are required.

Schedule and Pairing

  1. A match consists of two games between the same two players, one as USA and one as USSR each.

  2. A player is expected to play about 2 matches a month. The detailed schedule will be published after the list of normal players is known.

  3. The system is Round Robin (players play each other) or two- or more stage Round Robin (players are divided into preliminary groups, play each other, then the new groups are created on the basis of previous results), depending on the number of normal applications.

  4. Up to 20% of the number of the normal applications empty slots will be created and paired. These slots will be randomly filled by the players with late entries. After the late entries deadlines the empty slots will be closed and treated as free rounds for the players paired against them. Late entries exceeding the number of these free slots will be rejected even if applied on time.

  5. The schedule will assign the pairs of players to play against each other to the particular rounds. However, players are totally free to play games in advance without waiting for the round to start.

Games and Setup

  1. Games are played with Optional Cards, no Chinese Civil War, and 2 extra IPs for USA at start.

  2. The time limit for the game is one hour per player. The first player who oversteps the time limit loses the game immediately. However, if a time limit is overstepped but nobody (including spectators) notices the time limit overstepping and players report different result, the reported result becomes final in a week since it has been published and no later than the last round’s deadline day ends.

  3. Games are played on with the usage of the newest engine version.

  4. The results of the games must be reported to me directly via e-mail by both players. The report should contain: the names of players (with sides assigned), the result, the number of the turn in which the game ended, the exact VP result if the game ends in the Final Scoring, and the file log (*.wgr).

  5. Any or all of the game setup defaults mentioned in point 1. may be changed if players mutually agree for such a change or changes, provided both games in the match are played with the same setup.

  6. The time limit may be changed if players mutually agree for such a change but the new time limit has to be reported via e-mail before the game starts. The time limit must be equal for both players.

  7. The games may be played outside the if players mutually agree for such a change. In this case the time limit and the game log does not have to be reported.

  8. All changes of the defaults mentioned in the points 1-3. must be reported as well.

  9. If I receive one report, I treat it as a correct result. If I receive two reports and they differ from each other, the game log decides. If I receive no game log or two game logs which differ, I will notice the players. All disambiguities and differences not solved until the deadline of the tournament round will be solved on mutual disadvantage.

    Example: if I receive a result (for example, USA wins) but no information about the number of the turn, I’ll treat it as if the winner had won in the Final Scoring by 1 VP and as if the loser had lost on Turn 1.

  10. Any bugs in the engines that affect result are binding unless the bug result may be repaired either because the engine allows it or because it appears late enough (for example, incorrectly shows the winner of the correctly ended game). Players may also agree on a particular solution of a situation that arises due to the bug. This solution has to be accepted by the arbiter.
    If a bug may be repaired it must be repaired. A list of known bugs in engine that must be repaired:

    • Playing Grain Sales to Soviets in Headline Phase and pulling UN Intervention allows playing UN Intervention. In YATSL games the card must be returned notwithstanding.


  11. Unless it is done to repair the damage caused by the engine bug, no taking back moves is allowed even under mutual agreement.


  1. A player receives one point for winning a game, half a point for drawing a game, and no points for losing a game.

  2. If two or more players tie (have the same number of points), little points are counted. Drawn game counts as 0 little points. A game won in Final Scoring counts as the Final Scoring result but no more than 20 little points. A game won prior to the Final Scoring counts as 31-T little points where T stands for the number of the Turn in which the game had ended. Losing a game counts as minus the number of little points earned by the winner of the same game.

  3. If this is still a tie, the direct results among the tied players decide.

  4. If this is still a tie, the order of the players will be determined randomly.

  5. Loss due to forfeiture counts as 0 points and -30 little points. Winning due to forfeiture counts as 1 point and +30 little points.

Forfeitures and Deadlines

  1. Each round in the tournament has its explicit deadline and games of this round must be played no later than the deadline. If a game or both games are not played, both players are treated as if they had lost the game(s) due to forfeiture. The decisive factor is whether the game report arrives to my mail by the end of the deadline day. The deadlines will always be on weekend days.

  2. To avoid losing a game which had not been played on time, a player must appear on a chat on deadline day at 7:00 p.m. and stay there for at least half an hour, ready to play his game(s) once his opponent shows up. In this case if both opponents show up the games are played immediately, otherwise the one that had shown up wins due to forfeiture.

  3. If a game of a normal player against a late entrant is not played on time, it is always a late entrant who loses due to forfeiture even if the opponent does not show up according to 2.

  4. Until the end of February 2016 there will be no penalties for not playing the games. There will still be the oportunity of playing the remaining games later. However, players should still appear on the chat according to 2. to determine the further result in case the game never gets played.

  5. On March 2016 there will be no penalties for not playing the games provided the player will have at least the required number of games played in advance. However, players should still appear on the chat according to 2. to determine the further result in case the game never gets played. If there are some but not all games missing, the first missed rounds will be forfeited first.

  6. After forfeiting 4 games or forfeiting games in 3 matches a player is expelled from the tournament as soon as the results are final. All the remaining games are counted as forfeitures in favour of remaining players. Games among expelled players are counted as double forfeits. If the expelled player has less than 50% of the total games in the current stage played, all the results against him are adjusted to forfeits as well. The really played games will still count for AREA.


  1. The best players will be awarded prizes founded by me. I will also cover delivery costs. The prizes will include TS souvenirs, such as plates and cups painted in TS motifs, individually designed cards, etc.

  2. In order to receive a prize a player must provide a correct mail address. The name and the country must match the data from the application.

  3. A player may not receive a prize if he loses any game due to forfeiture.

  4. The prizes will be announced after the list of the normal applications is known.

Further Seasons

  1. If there are too many players to play a single-stage Round Robin tournament, the first season is a preliminary season for further leagues.

  2. The new players will be allowed to participate in the further seasons, joining the lowest league at start.


  1. The tournament is generally free of charge.

  2. An entry fee will be required from the player who loses any game due to forfeiture if he wishes to play in the further seasons. This fee will not be returned.

  3. A new player wishing to join a league higher than the lowest in the further seasons will be required to pay a deposit fee. This fee will be returned if the player loses no games due to forfeiture and achieves a result good enough not to be dropped to the lower league.

  4. All fees will be accepted in Bitcoin only. Be ready to use Bitcoin once you wish to play while being required to submit fee.


  1. I will be the main arbiter to solve all conflicts that may arise during games.

  2. I will pick additional players to act as arbiters if there are too many issues to be solved or when the issue is about my game or a game the result of which is important to my placement. My decision about picking the arbiter will be made to choose a person who knows the rules of TS very well and who is not directly or indirectly interested in a particular result of a game to be decided.

  3. The arbiter’s decision is final.


  1. The tournament will be reported for the AREA rating. I have no power to force the AREA rating holder to count this tournament.

  2. All the played games will be reported even if their results are erased due to expelling a player from the tournament.

  3. Forfeitures will not be reported for ratings.